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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cold weather delays butterflies

It has been a very cold, wet and snowy early Spring here. I have heard of only 3 species of butterflies being recorded this spring. In past years Spring Azures have been recorded by April 10th.
     This week the cold winter type weather has broken. By the weekend it is going to make 70 degrees. This is good news. Hopefully Mourning Cloaks, Milbert's Tortiseshell and Compton Tortiseshell will be on the wing. I am looking to get some pictures of Compton Tortiseshell as it is one of the few species I have seen in Michigan, but do not have a picture of.
     Also this spring, I will be making a few trips down to Branch County where I believe I can find Zebra Swallowtail. A nice park down there has a large quantity of Pawpaw; the host plant for Zebra Swallowtails.

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