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Friday, November 7, 2014

And Winter comes.

Well, it looks like winter is here. Winter for Michigan means 4-5 months with no butterflies. South Texas sounds nice this time of year.  
It has been a good year for me.
I was hoping to see 80 species in Michigan this year, but only made it to 76. Missed some relatively "easy" species like Common Sootywing and Milbert's Tortoiseshell. Where do these disappear to?
On the brighter side, I added 5 species to my Michigan list (currently 105 species).  A good year by my account.
Finally was able to see my lifer Olympia Marble. That was a good day.

I was also able to visit Puerto Rico and Hawaii this year. As for Hawaii, I was made an offer I couldn't (and shouldn't) refuse.

2015 will start off with a trip to Ecuador with my brother Tom and my son David.  Should be able to find plenty of butterflies!!

A few photos from 2014

Olympia Marble
Always a good find
 Eastern Pine Elfin
Seemed to be plentiful this year.

Puerto Rican Skipper
Endemic to Puerto Rico

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