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Friday, November 15, 2013

Michigan Butterfly County Listing

Hi All
Does anybody know if there is any interest in county listing butterflies like there is for birds.
I've searched the internet and can not find any information regarding state or county listing for any state or county (except Surfbirds). Is listing and reporting butterfly lists taboo or maybe we just have not gotten that far yet? Or do we want to?

My Michigan life list is 100 species. Ingham County (my home county) is my highest county total at 72 species.

From what I have heard there is (was) a butterflier that photographed every Michigan resident butterfly. Wow! I'm sure that Mogen C. Nielsen has seen nearly every species known to occur in the state. My friend Jack Reinoehl has seen 125 species.
If anybody wants to send me their state and/or county totals to please do so.We'll see what happens.



  1. I think that generally there are a lot more people recording birds than butterflies for some reason. Frustrated that there were very few records from my area of Scotland, I have been collecting the records from the Ranger Service and volunteers for the last five years now. There are a few sensitive sites, which may be a concern, but the published records are only shown in kilometre squares. I think that it is really important that records are kept for each county, as they will show changes in distribution over time.

  2. Nick
    How many species are there in Scotland? Here in Michigan there are about 160 species. I would be interested in seeing some of your records for Scotland.